Water Use Ratio

The industry is committed to sustainable resource management and to continuously improving its environmental performance.

The bottled water industry prides itself on being one of the lowest users of water for the production of bottled water in the food and drinks sector. Mainly thanks to being a single ingredient product, the use of water for producing this beverage is low and the industry is constantly working to reduce its usage even further.

The European bottled water industry has developed a harmonised methodology to calculate its water use ratio.  This was carried out under the guidance of EFBW experts and a third party consultant.

The most recent study carried out in March 2013 confirms the industry’s low use as well as a consistently positive trend in the industry’s water use performance.

Data was compiled from bottling facilities throughout Europe and measured on-site water consumption, from source to bottling. The water use ratio evolved from an average of 1.81 litres in 2007 to 1.63 litres in 2011, representing a 10% improvement in just five years for water bottling plants. Water consumption decreased from 343 million litres in 2007 to 278 million litres in 2011. The analysis shows that 69% of all participating facility types improved their water use ratio by an average of 18% overall.

This study sets the basis for continuous improvements in water efficiency and has encouraged the implementation of on-site water saving techniques. The bottled water sector will regularly benchmark its performance in the years to come.

by PEAK Sourcing