About EFBW

EFBW is the voice of the bottled water industry, dedicated to promoting the unique qualities of natural mineral water, spring water and other types of bottled waters before EU institutions and international organisations.

Mineral and spring water producers have been represented at European level since 1953.

Based in Brussels since 2003, the European Federation of Bottled Waters is a registered non-profit international trade association. Through its membership of national associations, bottled water companies as well as suppliers, EFBW represents almost 600 producers of bottled water across Europe.

The Federation is an active member of Food Drink Europe as well as the International Council of Bottled Waters Associations (ICBWA).

The European Federation of Bottled Water (EFBW)

EFBW is committed to protecting the unique qualities of natural waters and works to promote the bottled water sector and its products.  The Federation serves as the industry’s advocate, with the aim to ensure that the high safety, quality and environmental standards of bottled waters are recognised and maintained.

EFBW has a membership base of 23 national trade associations, 7 direct member companies as well as different scientific and research institutions. We offer our members expertise in regulatory issues, scientific and technical affairs as well as matters relating to health and the environment. 

The Federation works closely with EU institutions, specialised agencies and regulatory bodies, both to inform and to ensure that the interests of the bottled water sector are represented and its views are shared. EFBW is also an active member Food and Drink Europe as well as the International Council of Bottled Waters Associations  (ICBWA).


EFBW was created in 2003 to join together various European national associations operating in the sector of bottled water (mineral, spring and table waters). The Federation follows in the footsteps of former associations  Unesem and Ginesec, which were originally set up in Paris in the early 1950s to promote  natural waters at both the European and international level.

Did you know?
Natural mineral water and spring waters have been represented as a food category at  EU and international level for well over 60 years!

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