EFBW Award

On 19 June 2014, EFBW was proud to announce the winner of the EFBW Award 2014 during its annual meeting in Istanbul, Turkey.

The EFBW Award 2014, which seeks to identify creativity and reward best practice in communication – and in particular the use of social media – by EFBW National Association members, was supported by FoodBev Media.

Entries in the EFBW Award 2014 were received from: ANEABE in Spain, with its ‘Hydration Operation’; FIEB-VIWF in Belgium, with ‘Water is Good For You’ and ‘FreshNews’; SEFYMEN in Greece, with ‘The benefits of water for the maintenance of well-being and hydration’; FIAA in Austria… with ‘Austria – land of sources’; and SMV in the Czech Republic, with ‘Magnesium for health’.

The winning entry was from the Belgium association – FIEB-VIWF, with its ‘Water is Good For You’ website and Facebook page, plus its ‘FreshNews’ newsletter.

Curious to see all entries as well as the winning entry of this year's Award? Click on the video on the left!

On selecting the FIEB-VIWF entry as the winner, the judging panel said:

“This is visually very strong. Creativity was clearly a focus of their strategy.”

 “Content rich, with great graphics, content and layout, this campaign was actively and successfully promoted to journalists.”

 “FIEB-VIWF applied tried and tested methods of online campaigning in a fresh and scientifically sound way. Messaging on the website was very clear and engaging with lovely touches to gently educate its audience in a smooth way. The Facebook campaign was also very subtle and informative. Although slightly more traditional, the newsletter was light and well-balanced.”

 Accepting the award, FIEB-VIWF Secretary General David Marquenie said: “FIEB-VIWF is very pleased to receive this award. This illustrates that relatively small associations with a limited budget can communicate about the importance of hydration with focused actions. And thanks to the new platform developed by EFBW, the sharing of good practices between national associations has been made easier. This will enable us to develop our communication on hydration even further.

 EFBW Secretary General, Patricia Fosselard, said: "It is good to once again see the creativity displayed by EFBW national associations in promoting the vital economic and environmental role played by the natural mineral and spring water producers, and the benefits of healthy hydration – to NGOs, governments, the media and, of course, to consumers. The 2014 EFBW Award celebrated these actions and should be a source of inspiration to others, both in Europe and internationally”.

 Presenting the entries and announcing the winner, FoodBev Media group editorial director Bill Bruce, said: "FoodBev Media has worked closely with EFBW and its National Associations for many years and published many of the industry's success stories on www.foodbev.com and in Beverage Innovation magazine. We are delighted to have worked with EFBW in delivering this awards scheme.

 “The range of entries demonstrates creativity across the National Associations in promoting all that is good about the bottled water industry, from essential health and hydration messages to highlighting best practice in environmental responsibility.”

by PEAK Sourcing