The European Federation of Bottled Waters represents and advocates the interests of bottled water producers, bottlers and companies at a European and international level.

EFBW offers its members expertise in regulatory issues, scientific and technical affairs as well as matters relating to health and the environment. 

EFBW addresses all issues impacting the bottled water industry and aims to promote the specificities of natural mineral and spring waters. The primary goal of the Federation is to assure that the high safety, quality and environmental standards of bottled waters are recognised and maintained.

EFBW aims:

  • To represent and protect the interests of the bottled water industry in Europe
  • To advise and support members on scientific, regulatory and technical aspects of the industry
  • To educate and inform on the bottled water sector and its products
  • To promote the benefits of healthy hydration
  • To promote best industry practices
  • To encourage socially responsible and sustainable management practices
  • To promote the industry's role in protecting the environment
  • To cooperate and strengthen ties with fellow stakeholders

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