Developing Product Category Rules


Developing Product Category Rules

Another example of the bottled water industry’s dedication to optimizing its environmental performance is the creation of Product Category Rules for bottled water. These rules enable bottled water producers to assess their environmental performance, hereby enabling them to make positive changes for the environment in their production process.

The Product Category Rules are also a good example of what a sector can achieve when working together for the creation of harmonized rules. EFBW’s guidelines are based on qualitative life cycle assessment.  

EFBW's PCR is designed to be compatible with PEF (Product Environmental Footprint ) currently being developed by the European Commission as well as the methodology of  the EnviFood Protocol of the SCP Roundtable. 

With the establishment of PCR guidelines, EFBW has completed the first phase of developing a Life Cycle Analysis tool for the bottled water sector which will enable producers to calculate their overall environmental impact based on a series of measurable criteria, tailored to the needs of the sector. Implementing voluntary guidelines is a testament to the sector’s strong will and determination to establish benchmarks and make improvements year upon year. 

EFBW's Product Category Rules can be consulted here.


Helping the European Commission to develop its Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCR)

In early 2014, EFBW was selected – among 10 other representatives of the food and drinks industry – to help develop and test EU Product Environmental Footprint Category Rules (PEFCR) with the aim to measure and communicate the lifecycle environmental performance of products in a harmonised way. As from June 2014 until April 2018, EFBW led the Technical Secretariat of the ‘Packed Water Pilot’ and worked proactively alongside bottled water companies (Danone Waters, Nestlé Waters, Ferrarelle, Spadel, San Benedetto) and leading value chain actors (Petcore Europe, European Container Glass Federation, European Road Haulers Association) to realise this project.

On 19 April 2018, the Environmental Footprint Steering Committee, composed of representatives from Member States, the European Commission, NGOs and other participating industrial sectors, officially endorsed the Packed Water PEFCR. Having concluded the pilot phase, the European Commission will now consider policy recommendations in consultation with the Integrated Product Policy and Sustainable Consumption and Production (IPP/SCP) group. This group includes delegates from Member States, NGOs and representatives from endorsed pilots. The packed water category will be represented through the two seats allocated to food and drink products.

For more information about the European Commission’s Product Environmental Footprint project and the packed water pilot, please click here.

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