MEP Awards 2020 – postponed


The Parliament Magazine organizes again this year the MEP Awards, a ceremony to highlight the work and achievements of Members of the European Parliament (MEP) across various policy areas. Awards are given in several policy areas varying from environment to trade, from digital technology to agriculture and tourism, and it will conclude with the ceremony award which will take place on March 25.

The European Federation of Bottled Waters is honored to sponsor and hand over the MEP Award in the very important category “health”. The industry is very closely linked to many aspects of health. EFBW believes that drinking natural mineral and spring water is the healthiest and most natural way to hydrate and plays an important role in a healthier diet. Improving hydration and drinking habits can make a simple and significant contribution to a healthier lifestyle and reducing the risk of several preventable diseases.

The ceremony takes place on the 25th of March in Brussels, bringing together stakeholders from EU institutions and different EU policy areas. It is a great opportunity for EFBW to advocate and motivate all stakeholders to keep on working even harder for the health of all European citizens.


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