WaterProtect Policy Webinar


The Horizon 2020 EU funded project WaterProtect aims to protect drinking water resources where intensive agriculture could cause pollution by pesticides and nitrates. WaterProtect identified and developed innovative participation and governance strategies and promoted the most appropriate mitigation measures in seven so called “Action Labs” spread across EU member states.

EFBW has been working together with different EU stakeholders for more than two years on this project. We provided our expertise related to water safety and water protection in natural mineral water protection areas. Our industry has many examples to showcase the close cooperation between farmers, communities, NGOs and bottled water producers to reduce point source and diffuse pollution at catchment scale.

In this context, EFBW was happy to participate and contribute as speaker to a Webinar to identify examples of local policies, initiatives and partnerships making a positive contribution to the drinking water management involving farming systems. The results of this and previous conferences will set of EU and national policy recommendations.

More information on the project: https://water-protect.eu/

Henniez Eco Broye Project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3j6Srg8anWg


by PEAK Sourcing