Obesity: healthy hydration part of the solution


This week, consumers in the United Kingdom are encouraged to pay particular attention to their diet and food consumption as the UK launches its National Obesity Awareness Week. Timed to coincide with many people’s renewed enthusiasm for fulfilling New Year’s resolutions for healthier living, the organisers of this initiative are eager to reboot the national conversation about obesity. The European Federation of Bottled Waters applauds this initiative and places the spotlight on the prominent role drinking water has in helping to tackle obesity.

A healthy diet not only consists of eating healthy foodstuffs, but also ensuring your body remains properly hydrated. Drinking water is the healthiest, most natural way to hydrate, yet studies have repeatedly shown that Europeans do not drink enough water to stay hydrated.

According to the European Food Safety Authority, an adult woman should drink 1.5 litres water and an adult man 2 litres water to maintain normal physical and cognitive function. Moreover, bottled waters contain zero calories, no sugar and no added chemicals.

Want to learn more about the National Obesity Awareness Week 2014? Visit www.noaw2014.org.uk

by PEAK Sourcing