ANEABE launches initiative 'Claros con el Agua'

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The Spanish Bottled Water Association (ANEABE) and the Spanish Federation of Hotel and Catering (Federación Española de Hostelería y Restauración (FEHR) have jointly developed an initiative called “Claros con el Agua” (Clear with water). The campaign, targeting both hotel and catering professionals and consumers, seeks to increase the awareness of the origin and characteristics of the water served in restaurants and other establishments.

The aim is to ensure the restaurateur/hotelier adequately informs the consumer about the different kinds of water the establishment offers, enumerating its characteristics and properties and specifying the respective price in order to avoid any misunderstanding. It seeks to clear up any confusion consumers may feel when ordering water and end any lack of clarity there may be when identifying the different types of water on offer, be it tap water, filtered tap water or natural mineral water.

Certain hotel and catering establishments currently sell filtered tap water, bottled in the establishment itself and presented in such a way so as to look like natural mineral water. With the “Claros con el Agua” campaign, ANEABE and FEHR seek to make restaurants aware of the need to be conscientious with the information presented to their clientele.

The intention is to foster best practices and solidify the right of the consumer to know what she/he is drinking for her/his money. If different options are available, such as, filtered tap water or bottled natural mineral water, for the consumer to truly have free choice, she/he must be duly informed of the properties and prices of the different options. To such ends, “Claros con el Agua” aims to help servers and hoteliers alike understand the differences between natural mineral water, tap water and filtered water, so they can be completely transparent and offer their consumers full information on just what it is they are being served. If such is the case, the consumer will never feel misled or confused at the restaurant table.

To increase the impact of the initiative, they have launched a website,, to offer the hotel and catering trade advice in the form of practical, fun, educational videos and help it hone its communication skills.  To reward commitment to the cause and encourage participation in the campaign, draws for prizes are held for all participating hoteliers and servers. Moreover the initiative gives restaurateurs and hoteliers the chance to promote their star dish or speciality through channels specifically designed to such ends.

Please visit the website: click on the following link follow the campaign or follow the initiative in the social media (@clarosconelagua) or on hashtag #ClarosconelAgua.



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