EFBW for a stronger Circular Economy


The first week of March 2019 was dedicated to the Circular Economy in Europe. Several important events and conferences took place throughout the week.


On the 5th of March, EFBW was honored to participate in “The Meeting of the Pledgers”. A gathering initiated by the European Commission, to bring all the pledgers back to the table. The producers of natural mineral and spring water were last year among the first to pledge for a higher collection of PET bottles by 2025 and a higher use of recycled PET.

”We are proud to be part of this collective effort to strengthen the Circular Economy in Europe”, said EFBW Secretary General Patricia Fosselard, “this meeting was especially significant, as it is now very important that all the pledgers agree on actions needed to achieve a stronger Circular Economy. We have to keep on discussing potential bottle necks to make last year’s plastics pledges a reality”.

Furthermore, on the 6th of March, EFBW Sustainability Director Ermis Panagiotopoulos attended the Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference, which is the main gathering of the European Circular Economy community. The 2019 edition took stock of the Circular Economy Action Plan’s achievements, set the ground for new horizons in the circular economy and gave participants the opportunity to grow their network of circular partners.

by PEAK Sourcing