We are the #GuardiansOfNaturalWater


Water is life. And life is precious. Like all precious things, it is our responsibility to carefully protect them.

Little do we know about the people who are responsible to protect and ensure that natural water will be provided safely to the consumers. Have you heard of the guardians of natural water? Why they are so important for the quality of natural water, the environment and surrounding communities?

All those people dedicating their lives to ensure that the highest quality of natural water is provided from the source to the consumers are our guardians. Since many generations, with great love and passion, they safeguard the sources and the environment. They work in close collaboration with local communities, public authorities and farmers to ensure that the landscape around the source remains free of pollutants, which in turn secures the protection of biodiversity and natural habitats. Their lives and activities are inevitably linked to the preservation of the sources and the areas they are located in. 

Natural water and its sources are vital to the ecosystem, the flora and the fauna. It is a unique heritage that we must protect and pass on to future generations. By protecting the springs and the areas of land surrounding underground water, the quality of natural water is guaranteed, thereby providing a unique good to human health. Guardians of natural water play a vital role in this effort.

 Natural water producers package in glass, PET and aluminum, all of them being 100% recyclable. They consider the recyclable packaging as raw material and are thus, committed to a strong circular economy. Natural water producers play a leading role in promoting collection and recycling, optimizing the packaging, and minimizing energy and water consumption in their operations. They use high environmental standards to preserve biodiversity and, they are champions in sustainable management.

Guardians of natural water help each community to grow to its fullest potential and take pride in their regional heritage. They play a vital role in enriching local communities by working in partnerships with different stakeholders like farmers, residents and public authorities. In that way they help boost social and economic regional development.

Our guardians have many stories to tell. Come visit: https://guardiansofnaturalwater.eu/

by PEAK Sourcing