Conference on best in class deposit return system


On Friday, November 22nd, EFBW had the pleasure to co-host with Reloop Platform a conference on “best in class Deposit Return Systems (DRS) for single-use beverage packaging.” The conference was held in Brussels at the European Committee of the Regions. It brought together European Commission and government officials, deposit system administrators, technology suppliers and European beverage producers.

In his opening statement, EFBW president Jean-Pierre Deffis pointed out that the most important question for the future of the beverage industry in the EU is “How can we eliminate litter but also provide recyclers with high quality collected materials so that we can then reuse them in close loop, bottle to bottle?”

Mr. Deffis reminded that the bottled water industry was the first sector in the food and drink industry to pledge, on 15 May 2018, for higher collection of 90% of PET water bottles and increased uptake of recycled PET in bottles by at least 25% by 2025. “We believe that high collection of beverage PET bottles is a first, but very important, step towards higher use of recycled PET. This can be achieved either via existing curbside collection or via the introduction of Deposit Return Systems.”

The conference provided insights on key success factors to ensure the efficient functioning of DRS. The speakers shared valuable experiences from existing DRS system operators from various European countries and guidance around good design. Parameters included optimal deposit value, scope of materials, container marking, points of return, system security and many more.

Additionally, Mr. Alessandro Pasquale, our vice-president and CEO of MATTONI 1873, in his speech highlighted “Our packaging is fantastic, and we always do our best to collect it. We have the solution to collect it through a deposit system, which will bring more than 90% recycling rates, and reuse it in our bottle.” And added “In this way, we will be the most advanced industry in this field. We have a great chance, we have to Implement DRS, we have to implement circular economy.”

The bottled water industry was the first sector to endorse DRS as an efficient way to meet the quantitative and qualitative requirements for PET collection and recycled PET. A well-designed DRS could greatly increase beverage packaging collection and foster higher use of recycled PET. This is how we can achieve a strong circular economy and give every bottle a second life.







by PEAK Sourcing