EFBW Guide to Good Hygienic Practices

EFBW’s “Guide to Good Hygienic Practices for Packaged Water in Europe”  was developed by EFBW experts and was  endorsed by the European Commission’ s Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health (SCFCAH) in 2012.

It comprises a detailed set of recommendations for good manufacturing practices and will assist bottled water producers to implement the strict food safety requirements required at EU and international levels. Preventive measures and critical control points are outlined for every aspect of bottled water production, from water resource management and the protection of catchment areas to piping, bottling and distribution.

Based on the European Commission’s Guidelines for the development of community guides to good practice of hygiene, the Guide takes into account the Codex Standards as well as EC regulations on food safety and hygiene. Since 2005 the European Commission has been encouraging European food businesses to develop community guides for the effective application of hygiene and food safety rules.

by PEAK Sourcing