Health Indications and Claims

EU legislation authorises the use of a number of indications related to the composition and respective health benefits of natural mineral waters.

Directive 2009/54/EC (Article 9 (2) and Annex III) on the Exploitation and Marketing of Natural Mineral Waters sets the criteria for most indications related to the composition of each natural mineral water. Member States are competent to establish criteria for the use of health indications, based on "physico-chemical analyses and, where necessary, pharmacological, physological and clinical examinations carried out according to recognised scientific methods.

For example, the indication "contains magnesium" may be used for natural mineral water if it contains more than 50 miligrams magnesium per litre, whilst  each Member State  will define the conditions for the use of indications such as"stimulates digestion" or may be "diuretic".

Within the context of the regulation on nutrition and health claims made on foods (1924/2006), the European Food Safety Authority published a scientific opinion recognising :

  • Water contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive function
  • Water contributes to the maintenance of normal thermoregulation.

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